Here is a Adams Family Pinball Machine that came in for cabinet repair,

Damage was done on the bottom of the cabinet and on the base of the Back box,

Repairs were made to the Main Cabinet, and a new custom made base made of 3/4 inch oak plywood was created for the Back Box base for strong support.

Not only was the cabinet rebuild new leg bolts were installed and all black metal parts and front door was repainted a gloss black.

Here i am working on a Gottlieb Play Ball

Here I am working on a mechanism that came out of a Chicago Coin Gun Game from the 1970s. like the pinball machines from the era, lots of relays step-up units and switchblades that need to be cleaned and adjusted.

Panel Mechanism of the Chicago Coin Gun Game.

Here I am working on the score reels of a Williams Strato Flight Pinball.

I need to set the reel switches just right for the right score every time.

Here is a Bally Capt Fantastic under repair.

Weather your Pinball Machine is a Newer Solid state or a older Electro Mechanical,

With over 35 years experience of working on Pinball Machines

I can bring your machine back to life again.

Heres a New old stock Playfield that I am rebuilding on a 1977 Bally Eight Ball.

over 50 hours of tedious removal of parts on both sides of the playfield are stripped off and cleaned and polished and electricaly all put back together, when its all finished the machine look like a brand new Pinball Game.

Heres a Chicago Coins Pinball Pool from 1973 in the shop for repair, very different from your typical pinball machine where the playfield is covered with Full size Plastic pool balls that lights when you hit the correct target. Idea is to complete Solid Or Stripes and then the 8 Ball, then to rerack and score a replay.

Here is a Flash Gordon Pinball getting brand new drop targets.